Fortuna, Mediterranan ex Rome Return 7 Night cruise sailing roundtrip from Rome onboard Costa Fortuna.

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Cruise Overview

7 Night cruise sailing roundtrip from Rome onboard Costa Fortuna.

Costa Fortuna is a tribute to ocean liners of the past. Symbolically built in the legendary shipyards of Genova Sestri ponente, it is the sister of Costa Magica. Its motto is "first class" for the refinement of the furnishings and the elegance of its atmosphere.

Highlights of this cruise:

Civitavecchia, a former Etruscan port, is the seaport for Rome. And what about it? Everything here reflects the glorious power of a people who ruled the world.
Located in cove, protected to the north by Mignone and south by the Marangone, the Civitavecchia port was built on the Tyrrhenian coast in Etruscan times and still preserves traces of this history. In particular, the Michelangelo fort and the old town with its 9th-century walls bear witness to the splendour of a medieval past. We have to take advantage of this stop to visit Rome, the grandiose capital with its world-famous monuments: the Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trajan's column, St Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia, the Spanish Steps and so much more.

Not to be missed:
• The majestic Cathedral of St Francis of Assisi
• The Fort Michelangelo
• The Rocca, an impenetrable fortress

La Spezia
The small port of La Spezia in Liguria is the place to discover the secrets of the Cinque Terre or reach Portovenere opposite the island of Palmaria.
La Spezia is a port city located between Genoa and Pisa. It is located south of Liguria, on a mountainous coast at the bottom of the Gulf of Poets. The port of La Spezia is very famous for its military arsenal. A stop at La Spezia will allow you to visit several museums, including the Amedeo Lia inside the monastery of San Francesco di Paola. Take advantage of this stop to visit the Cinque Terre National Park and the beautiful village of Monterosso and Portovenere, the “pearl of the Gulf of Poets”, from where you can reach the Island of Palmaria.

Not to be missed:
• The Gulf of Poets
• The magnificent Cinque Terre area
• The regional natural park of Portovenere

Take a good look at Genoa, because, trust us, those who see Genoa fall in love with her.
The port of Genoa is located in Liguria, northwest of Italy, and offers several options for tourists who want to visit the city. Suspended between heaven and earth, Genoa reveals all its secrets. During the stop take a stroll in the old town where you can go shopping and enjoy the culinary highlights of the city. Walk along Via Garibaldi with its many palaces and walk the streets at one time crossed by one of the most famous figures of the city: Christopher Columbus:

Not to be missed:
• Piazza Raffaele de Ferrari
• Visit to the palazzi dei Rolli
• Duomo di Genova

A pleasant thing to do is simply sit down at one of the cafes overlooking the port of Marseilles and, sipping a Pastis, observe the landscape and the people who inhabit it.
Also called the "Porpoise City ", Marseille is France’s sunniest town, charming with its gullies where you can swim, its history and culture and restaurants with cosmopolitan cuisine. You cannot leave without having first toured on the “Cours Julien”, the street for shopping. The port of Marseille is perhaps a typical tourist destination, but it deserves to be visited for the ferry that leaves from the Town Hall and the old church, which replaced a Templar building.

Not to be missed:
• Aix-en-Provence
• Avignon, the city of the Popes
• The discovery of Marseilles by bike

Barcelona's nightlife: among the "ramblas" we will discover great food and beer, but we are always under the watchful eye of Gaudi, who captured and expressed the soul of Barcelona in his architecture.
The city is home to an innovative contemporary art museum, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Camp Nou. Also, after visiting these popular destinations, you can discover the Catalan culture. During our stop in Barcelona, take a walk down La Rambla before visiting the Picasso Museum. In the city, you can see memorable architecture everywhere. Before leaving pay a visit to the neighborhood in the port of Barcelona. Completely renovated for the Olympic Games in 1992, it has become a place filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Not to be missed:
• Helicopter ride
• The masterpieces of Gaudí
• Sightseeing tour of Barcelona and Camp Nou stadium

We are in Valencia, and nobody can miss the chance to taste a real paella and then take a stroll in the beautiful city centre.
The port of Valencia is the fifth busiest in Europe. Observing the medieval architecture and futuristic buildings of the city, history buffs won’t have any problem in discerning Baroque, Gothic and Moorish influences along the city streets. Don't forget to visit the popular quarters: Mingle with the locals in Ruzafa at the market, to sample so many delights. Bars, restaurants and outdoor cafes will offer you the Mediterranean flavours of the area.

Not to be missed:
• The incredible Valencia Biopic
• Oceanographic Valencia Aquarium
• Albufera Natural Park

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Cruise Itinerary

Date Activity Arrive Depart
23/10 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 07:00 PM
24/10 La Spezia, Italy 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
25/10 Genoa, Italy 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
26/10 Marseilles, France 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
27/10 Barcelona, Spain 08:00 AM
28/10 Valencia, Spain 08:00 AM 06:00 PM
29/10 At sea - -
30/10 Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy 08:00 AM
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